Take your heart back: emotional-shaped therapy

An unexpressed emotion is hidden behind any pain, the author of emotional-figurative therapy Nikolay Linde believes. And the most direct access to it is through visual, sound and olfactory images. Having made contact with this way, we can save ourselves from suffering, bodily and sincere.

Emotionally-shaped therapy (EOT) born in Russia is one of the few modalities recognized in world psychology. It has been developing about 30 years. In the practice of its creator Nikolai Linde there are thousands of cases, their analysis forms the basis of the “method of images”, on which psychological assistance is based.

Psychologies: Why did you choose the images as a tool for exposure?

Nikolai Linde: Emotions affect the state of the body as a whole. Some bodily experiences can be represented in the form of images – visual, sound, olfactory. For example, you can listen to how one or another part of the body sounds – hand, head. There is no mysticism – this is a mental idea, the way you think. Когда я или мои клиенты «прослушивают» себя, то будто получают энергию, им становится хорошо. Those who have any problem in the body when listening or visual representation experience something negative.

I found with every case from the practice that the images that a person represents in relation to the body reveal his problems. And it can not only be analyzed, but also adjusted by images. Even such ordinary things as, for example, pain.

Our task is to release emotions. Once there was a case: a woman complained about a headache. I ask: how does it sound? The client introduced: Rusty iron rattle through the rusty gland. “Listen to this sound,” I tell her. She listens, and the sound turns into a creak of janitors on car glass. The pain is slightly reduced. Listens further – and the sound becomes a crunch of snow under the boots.

And at that moment the pain disappears. Moreover, she feels freshness in her head as if a breeze blew. In those days when I was just starting to practice my methodology, it struck people, as if they saw a miracle.

Of course, getting rid of an unpleasant symptom in 2-3 minutes is amazing. And I had been “having fun” for a long time by relieving pain. But gradually expanded the palette. What is the mechanism? It is proposed to present a person on a chair that exciting his experience or subject, which causes emotions.

I ask questions: how the experience looks like? How behaves? What says? What do you feel? And in the body you feel where?

Sometimes people exclaim: “Some kind of nonsense!»But spontaneity is important in eology: this is what came to mind first, and we are building contact with the image. Animal, fairy -tale creature, object, man … and in the process of contact with the image, the attitude towards it changes and leaves not only the symptom, but also the problem.

And you tested your methodology on yourself?

Of course, I check all the methods on myself, then on the students and then I release them into the world. In 1992, I discovered another interesting thing: an imaginary smell has a powerful effect! I assumed that the sense of smell should have a resource for psychotherapy, and for a long time I wanted to go to work with smells. The case helped.

My wife and I were in the country, it was time to leave for the city. And then she turns green, grabs the heart. I knew that she was concerned about the internal conflict, and where did the pain come from. There were no mobile phones then. I understand that we can’t find an ambulance quickly. He began to act intuitively. I say: “How does it smell, imagine?” -” This is a terrible stink, it is impossible to smell it “. – “Swell!”She began to sniff. At first, the stench intensified, and after a minute it began to decrease. The wife continued to sniff. After 3 minutes, the smell completely disappeared and the aroma of freshness arose, the face was prayed. The pain disappeared.

The smell is direct access to chemistry of the body, because emotions and emotional states are also chemistry. Fear – adrenaline, pleasure – dopamine. Changing emotion, we change and chemistry.

You work not only with pain, but also with emotional states

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I work both with diseases – with allergies, asthma, neurodermatitis, body pain – and with neurosis, phobias, anxiety, emotional dependence. With everything that is considered an obsessive, chronic state and brings suffering. It’s just that the students and I do it faster than representatives of other areas, it happens, in one session. Sometimes, working out one situation, we open the next. And in such cases, the work goes into long -term, but not for years, as in psychoanalysis, for example. Many images, even related to pain, lead us to the primary source of the problem.

Was at the end of 2013 at a seminar in Kyiv. From the audience the question: “They say you are relieved?”I suggest asking to go to” hot chair “. A woman has a neck. How exactly hurts, I ask: in -trips, cuts, aches, pulls? “As if drilling”. She saw behind her back the image of a man in a blue dressing gown with a hand drill. I looked closely – this is her father. “Why does he drill your neck? Ask him”. “Father” says that you need to work, you can’t relax. It turns out that the woman decided that she relaxed at the conference, was resting.

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